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It Could Have Been Us

Last night Dad and I were at home, watching Twilight Zone and then Urban Legends (TV show, not the movie). All of a sudden somebody started pounding on the window, screaming for us to move our van. We ran out to find the RV two spaces over engulfed in flames. We needed to move for the second fire truck to run a was already on the scene from the other side, along with an ambulance and a couple of police officers. After moving the van, we grabbed some stuff in case we needed to evacuate...there are two trees practically touching, one of which is on our site, and the first tree was starting to burn.

Thankfully they got the fire under control before the trees went up, and the owner of the burning RV wasn't home. Her neighbor across the street saw the fire pretty quickly and pulled her propane tanks out, and broke down the door to try to get to her dogs, but it was too late for them :( and her RV is totaled. It was so scary, watching it burn like that and being completely helpless to do anything.

Today we found out the even scarier part....they traced the fire to her refrigerator. I posted back in November about our refrigerator blowing up. Thankfully, ours only spewed ammonia all over the place and drove us to a motel for a week. Here's the thing: ALL RV refrigerators from several model years (around a decade or so), from both manufacturers, are under recall. The cooling coil runs on ammonia, and is prone to bursting. That's what happened to ours, and that's what happened to hers. But the "recall repair" is simply to install a metal shield around the cooling unit, which is supposed to stop it from catching fire. We didn't know about it till after ours blew. But the neighbor HAD the repair done several months ago...and her RV still went up in flames.

Why did hers burn and ours not? I have no answer to that. We also had an undiagnosed gas leak from the hose to our propane tanks for several months...finally found out about it when one of the tanks emptied itself almost immediately. We got it fixed as soon as we found out. What if we had still been leaking when this happened? There were sparks all the way to the neighbor on the other side...I'm sure our leaking propane would have gone boom.

Why were we spared? Who knows, but it really does make me feel grateful!
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