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Medical Tourism

So Dad ended up having to have a cardiac catheterization last week. We had picked out Florida Hospital Celebration Health as our new hospital of choice, so we had the procedure done there. Wow, wow, wow! The cath lab was absolutely spectacular! The nurses were fabulous, both extremely good and extremely friendly. The doctor was terrific as well. A very positive experience all the way around.

Since Dad wasn't allowed to drive for a couple of days, and we hadn't been able to go on the last few trips, we decided where better for him to recover than Disney? We spent four fabulous nights at the Best Western at Downtown Disney, with a theme park view from our balcony, and by day 2 he was recuperating at the parks. "You've just had a major cardiac procedure. What are you going to do now?" "I'm going to Disney World!"

The bad news is that they found a 95% blockage in his left anterior descending artery, which is one of the three main branches from the left main artery, which supplies most of the heart's blood flow. So he's having a stent placed tomorrow. They don't do stenting at Celebration, so we're using Florida Hospital South, near Downtown Orlando.

So now we're at the Comfort Suites Downtown for four nights. Not exactly a theme park view, but it's a surprisingly nice (and big!!) room. There's plenty of stuff to do within walking distance, so hopefully I won't have to fight him for the keys (it's easier just not to take the car out, since he always INSISTS on doing the driving).

Wish us luck...the procedure is at 1:00 tomorrow.
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