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Now I Can Call Myself a Travel Writer

So you might remember that I've recently written four podcasts on Universal. I was pretty happy with that assignment, especially considering they pay $150 each up front, plus 13% royalties. Other than that, I still have the job, and I'm writing a very highly paid piece for Diabetes Management magazine on handling diabetes at the theme parks. So work was doing pretty well overall.

I wanted more, though, so I e-mailed the podcast guy last week. See, it's a new site and they're looking to buy at least 2000 tours of locations around the world. So I figured there might be more work available. He wrote back that he loves my work, but he's not too familiar with Orlando and what it offers. I sent him a detailed description of the theme parks, Downtown, even Daytona Beach. He then had me write up a list of tours with projected deadlines (my choice, not his!!!). I sent him a long list, expecting to get approval for maybe half.

Well, I heard back yesterday. I have the official go-ahead on 31 additional tours, keeping me in highly paid work through the spring!!! Now here's the really amazing part. When putting together my schedule to see what was realistic, before sending that list, I decided to cancel the Mardi Gras trip and take a cruise in March instead. It just made sense time-wise. So I mentioned that we would be in Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and Nassau, and asked if he wanted any tours from those places. I made a few suggestions for possible angles based on shore excursion descriptions, and asked what he thought. He put me down for tours of each city, and told me he trusted my judgment in deciding what would be most tour-worthy!!!! Can you imagine that????

He also gave me glowing praise, telling me that he really enjoys my hand-in-hand style of writing, which makes the podcasts really accessible to the listeners!!!

On top of all that, podcast guy has decided to partner with a marketing team with decades of international experience. They plan to sell my tours on CD in both national and local bookstores, tourist offices....and if Universal goes for it, they'll even be on the shelves in the Studios Store and other official Universal retail locations!!! I was able to get the phone number for the chief buyer for Universal, so now it's up to the marketing team to work their magic!

Can you imagine? I haven't managed to land a book deal (yet!), but I'll actually have a product that I created available on real retail store shelves!!!! Yeah, it's a writer's dream come true. is being annoying at the moment, but's just a few days out of each month, and the pay is decent. Check out my piece on the Obama Health Care Plan if you have a few free minutes.

Love you all!

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