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It's Warmer in Daytona

Well, Dad and I were all set to go to DC for the inauguration...ended up with a fabulous rate on a hotel on the Metro line, and plane tickets courtesy of our Southwest credit. Except stuff kept not falling into place...couldn't get swearing in tickets, couldn't get parade tickets, couldn't get guaranteed admission to the Newseum (which is on the parade route and has floor to ceiling windows), couldn't get tickets to the Inaugural Ball.

So we were kind of debating whether or not to go...that's an awful lot of money to spend just to end up shoulder to shoulder all week with 4 million of our closest friends, and watching the Swearing In on a Jumbotron on the National Mall. And they've been warning of 6 hour delays for the subway...we were planning to leave the hotel at 4 am to catch Metro when it starts running at 4:30, but still no guarantee we'd actually get on a train in time to actually get to the Mall in time to actually get a spot. The Mall holds something like half a million at crush density, and there will be 4 million attending.

Anyway, then I watched CNN weather this morning. Temperature is expected to reach 30 degrees...maybe...late in the afternoon. By parade time, it'll only be low 20s. At 4:30 am, around 19 at the most! Now, I'm all for an adventure and all....but standing around for 6-12 hours in subfreezing temps is not my idea of fun.

We're now attending an Inaugural party at the Daytona Beach bandshell. Estimated temperature? A balmy 57 degrees. I made the suggestion to Dad, and all I got in response was, "It's warmer in Daytona. Let's do it." So if you want to see me, that's where I'll be. We're renting a condo at the Wyndham Ocean Walk the night before and the night of, and partying it up on the beach all day.
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