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Good News and Bad News

So Dad had his stent put in Thursday. It turned out to be a complicated a bifurcation, which is a branch of the artery. The danger was that some of the plaque could have broken off and gone down the secondary artery. Also, the 95% blockage was apparently an underestimation... the passage was about the width of a human hair. It could easily have caused a massive heart attack, which would have either been fatal or left Dad a cardiac cripple. But thanks to the extreme skill of the cardiologist, the stent placement was a success.

Dad has massive bruising down his leg from the procedure, but that's apparently normal. That's causing a bit of pain right now, and he's exhausted from everything, but he should be just fine. He can go back on roller coasters in two weeks :)

So his brother came up to see us on the way to Altamonte Springs to visit his gf's friends. We got a call a couple of hours after they left-- he's in Florida Hospital Altamonte with chest pains and spiking blood pressure! The dr asked if there were cardiac problems in his family, and he said "well, no, except my brother just had a stent placed." On the upshot, they asked about Dad's bruising and were told it was to be expected.

Dad's feeling guilty that he can't go up there to be with him, but I feel like there's nothing we could do anyway, and Dad's been told not to drive, not to spend too long on his feet...I don't think hanging around another hospital for hours would be very good for him. We're staying in close contact by phone, but that's all we can really do at the moment.

Bah....they've always been in competition...but this is not a fun one LOL
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