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Pulling Up Roots

So we've decided to finally, after four years, go on the road with the RV. A lot of reasons, really, but I think it's finally time. And I'm having a huge emotional reaction to everything. I mean, yes, I've been living in this RV for years...but I've sort of been rooted. Now we're going to be rootless and not tied to anything or anyone. I'm excited, of course, it's like living out a dream. But I'm also scared. This is going to be the first time in my life that I have nowhere to really call home.

I'm sure it doesn't help how I'm feeling that I found out today that, in effect, both Louisiana and Florida have kicked us out. Neither state will grant us residency without a brick and mortar physical residential address. Mail forwarding doesn't count. So it looks like I'm about to be a cowgirl....we're members of Escapees RV Club, and their headquarters is in Livingston, TX. Apparently it's the biggest thing going in Livingston, and even in Polk County, TX. Therefore, the government is full-timer friendly, and if we use the Escapees mail forwarding service, it counts for residency. Meaning we can register the vehicles, vote, have driver licenses, and all that other fun stuff. Yeehaw, y'all!

So yeah...I'm moving to Texas, or at least legally domiciling there. It's also costing a fortune to get ready to go. We took the van in for tires yesterday. Four hours and $650 later, we have new brakes too, and an alignment. Rear brakes were mis-adjusted and not catching at all, and front brakes were down to 10%. Not good for pulling the rig. Plus it's going to cost a few hundred to move to TX. Plus we have a leak in the intake hose for our fresh water pump. We're taking the RV to Camping World for a once-over, which is going to cost over $200 just for the inspection, never mind if they find anything wrong.

We got home from the auto shop last night to discover our awning ripped to shreds. Apparently there was a 45 mph wind gust. The neighbors thankfully rolled up what was left, so it didn't damage the rig, but the awning's toast. Fortunately it was covered by insurance, so we can either straight up replace it for free, or upgrade to a deluxe power model for around $150.

And Monica and Jonathan arrive on May 1. We're paying for their whole Disney trip...which sounded like a great idea when we planned it, and is now making me nervous with all of these unexpected recent cash outlays. I just hope we make it, not only through their trip, but through the rest of May.

Happy Passover to the Jewish contingent. We were going to go to Chabad, who apparently host a nice Seder for travelers, but I got all nostalgic and nesting-feeling, so we're having my uncle over for second night Seder tomorrow. I don't know why, but I've always preferred hosting holidays at home, and I've felt like I couldn't do it in the RV. But if this is going to be my home, I've got to learn how. We've picked up some tips and ideas from the full-timer forums, so we'll see how it goes. Wish us luck!!
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