Lisa (skinnyanguish) wrote,

Sigh...So Many Boys, So Little Time

Can I just say that cruise ships and hostels are wonderful places to meet men? I chased a really young but really hot guy (he was at least 21, since he was being served, but probably just barely) around the ship for awhile. Then I met a devastatingly handsome Ukrainian crew member with whom I'm still in contact. The first night at the hostel, I fell for a rugged trail guide. The best by far, however, is the Israeli hiker that I spent the afternoon with today. We're both here for a few days, so I'm hoping to get to know him a bit better. And from what I hear, even in the 21st century, men in Alaska still outnumber women by a pretty significant margin. I wonder how long until I find myself a wild Alaskan fisherman.

I fell in love with the state for so many deep and profound reasons...but that doesn't stop me from swimming in the shallow end of the pool now and then. I wish we could stay here forever!!
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